Becky Hogan & Cheryl McKown

Talent & Learning Director and Apprenticeship Manager, Bupa

Episode 7 S3: How to make big changes in a big company. Becky Hogan (pictured) is currently the Talent & Learning Director, and Cheryl McKown is the Apprenticeship Manager for Bupa Global and UK. Cheryl has over 15 years’ experience in talent development, she has worked with charity and further education organisations across the world to develop programmes…

Chris Blackwell

Founder and CEO, Purpose Led Performance

Episode 6 S3: How to bring purpose to your organisation. Chris is the Founder and CEO of Purpose Led Performance. He is an experienced CEO and MD and has led organisations that have achieved incredible growth. Chris has worked in the education, employability, disability, and criminal justice/rehabilitation sectors. Chris has held senior leadership roles in…

Nicole Martin

Director, Lumina Learning Global

Episode 5 S3: Wake up to your potential. Nicole is an Organisational Psychologist with over 25 years of international experience working with individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their potential. She is also a business entrepreneur, selling her Insights business before working with Dr Stewart Desson to build Lumina Learning. Nicole is a Director of…

Mark Simpson

Head of Consultancy, Armour Risk Management Limited

Episode 4 S3: How technology is changing leadership. Mark’s primary focus is to be the “oil and glue” in helping clients to optimise people, process and technology performance through effective change and transformation.   His aim is to work himself out of a job short-term and long-term by helping clients build capabilities, confidence and commitment for…

Abigail Bulley

Director, Quaggy Development Trust and Founder and CEO, Little Bee Community

Episode 3 S3: How to introduce sustainability into your workplace. Abigail is passionate about social innovation and work that leads to lasting positive change in people’s lives all over the world. She is the Director of Quaggy Development Trust as well as the Founder and CEO of Little Bee Community works with charitable organisations and…

Sam Carr

Head of Software Development, Tesco

Episode 2 S3: How to lead a tech team. Sam is a software developer, hooked since the age of about 10, starting out with a ZX Spectrum and never looking back. Since then he gained a degree and worked his way through Softwire, McKinsey, LShift, Lumi (a startup) and now Tesco. He is a Head…

Kim Gieske

Former HR Director, Planet Organic

Episode 1 S3: How to turn around a struggling organisation. Kim Gieske’s early career was spent in financial recruitment in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. After that worked as HR Manager for Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge and HR Director of Soho House Group. As HR Director of Planet Organic she was part of the team who…

Melanie Eusebe

Management consultant and author

Episode 9 S2: How to be a better middle manager In our final episode of Season 2, we talk to management consultant Melanie Eusebe, who has over 20 years’ experience leading strategic transformation initiatives for global brands. Melanie is passionate about discovering and encouraging role models and inspiring a new generation of exceptional business leaders.…

Kim Nilsson

CEO, Pivigo

Episode 8 S2: How to mix data and entrepreneurship. As CEO at Pivigo, Kim Nilsson is passionate about connecting data talent with companies who need tough questions answered. Kim speaks with Clare about how Data will revolutionise our lives and how to harness its power. 

Evan Harris

Co-founder, Peppy Health

Episode 7 S2: How to have tough conversations. Evan is back in studio to speak about the importance of feedback. He explains how positive praise is both essential and constructive and how common it is within businesses, where there is little or no communication. Sometimes you can assume a certain team member is doing well,…